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15 Beauty Tips that Everyone Should Know

“Keep an open mind when receiving professional advice, and be willing to try new things. You just might surprise yourself!”

Get the Perfect Style from your Hairdresser

“We’ve all been there. Leaving the salon wondering what happened.”

Paint the Holidays in Red

“Tip: For those that want their teeth to look whiter try a blue base red.”

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

“See the top 10 trends that emerged at “New York Fashion Week”

Reinvent Your Wardrobe

“It is quite possible to build an entire wardrobe that will last you a decade – if you know how.”

What to Wear to the Beach

“If you’re planning a beach getaway, the thought of what to wear besides a swimsuit will arise, as all beach visits don’t necessarily require one.”

Social Media Influence on Divorce Rates

“They feel more fulfilled and happier when they chat with friends online as opposed to spending their time with their partners.”

Modern Day Peter Pan

“There is usually a dependency that makes a woman feel fulfilled at the beginning of the relationship.”

Overly Exhausted Dating Rules

“This rule has exhausted itself and needs to be locked away…and this time for good!”

Shandi's Story "ED- The Fight Against Food"

“Ever wonder what it feels like to fall in a hole but no matter how many times you try to climb out, you just keep sliding back down? “

Are You Addicted to Facebook?

“The average person spends more time on Facebook than reading, exercising or socializing in real life events.”

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

“Does the cooler weather have you feeling down?”

Impulse Buying: Why Women Can't Stop

“One is left wondering why women still buy unbudgeted items in an era where we are experiencing decreasing income, increasing cost of living and lower saving power.”

‘Natural’ Breast Implants Create a Boobie Buzz

“You may have seen the commercials or heard the buzz, the latest breast implants are boasted as looking and feeling more natural, while also being safer than other breast implants.”

Himalayan Salt

“The salt is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral.”

Garcinia Cambogia -The Fruit for Weight Loss-