Getting the Perfect Style from your Hairdresser

We’ve all been there. Leaving the salon wondering what happened. Having to make another appointment and spend more money to fix your hair. You might have even gone home and taken kitchen scissors to your hair. Maybe you loved your hair when the stylist did it, but you can’t recreate it. If this is a regular occurrence for you, there are some things you can do.

Research the stylist-
When looking for a stylist you should know who you’re going to. How is their work? What are their strengths and weaknesses? If you want bold color and a trendy cut, but the stylist’s comfort level is more modest, you’re likely going to be disappointed. Social media has made researching workers very simple. Many stylists have Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. If they don’t or you can’t find them, you can search for the salon itself. Many salons will post stylist’s work and offers on social media. If you see a style you like, call the salon and ask who the stylist was. They should be more than happy to provide the information with you.

Bring a picture-
It is always a good idea to give the stylist a reference to look at so that leaves little room for miscommunication. “Short and dark brown with blonde” can mean two completely different things to you and your stylist, and you could leave with something drastically off from what you wanted. Explain what you do and don’t like about the photo. For example “I like the way her hair lays and how her highlights frame her face. However, I’d like my hair to be slightly longer and lighter.” When explaining how long you would like your hair, it’s a good idea to use your hands to show your stylist exactly where you want your hair to be.
When explaining the color you’d like, you should ask to see a color book. That way you can show the stylist what “slightly lighter” means to you. If the stylist can see exactly what you choose, they then know what level, color, and tone you prefer. You may think you like cool, icy blonde, and be completely mortified when you feel you have grey hair! Turns out, you wanted neutral blonde, but the stylist gave you what they thought you were asking for. If you physically choose a color together, you can avoid a headache (for both you and your stylist.)

Explain everything-
Hair stylists aren’t mind readers. They can ask you as many questions as they like, but it’s up to you to give them the right information. How do you style your hair? What products do you use? How much time are you willing to spend getting ready? How often are you willing to visit the salon? What is your budget? Have you used boxed color on your hair? The more they know about your grooming habits, the better they can serve you. If you aren’t honest, you’re guiding your stylist in the wrong direction. One of the biggest problems in salons is whether or not you used boxed color. If you did, that’s okay. Many people have. Just keep in mind that boxed color is very different from professional color. If you do have boxed color on your hair it may be harder for your stylist to give you the results that you desire. It will be much harder if you lie to the stylist, and as a result, they don’t take the necessary steps to avoid any potential problems. Therefore, be honest with them they will appreciate it.

Give your honest opinion-
Speaking of being honest, you always need to give your opinion. Sometimes stylist miss the mark. Even if you explain your desires in best detail, something can be slightly off. In this case, you need to let the stylist know. Stay calm and think about what it is that you don’t like. By angrily stating that “You just hate it” or “You don’t like any of it” isn’t going to get you anywhere. Take a deep breath and think about it. What is it that you don’t like? Does it not lay correctly? Maybe the color is too warm. If you can calmly explain the problem, the stylist can fix it. If the stylist can’t fix it or refuses to, ask to speak with someone else. If you speak up you should be able to get your hair fixed without additional cost to you. If you leave upset without saying anything, you’ll end up paying more at another salon.

Listen to their advice-
Stylists are professionals that have been trained to give you the best results possible, but sometimes the best results aren’t exactly what you have in mind. Say that you go to a salon and ask for platinum blonde hair, but you have deep, dark red hair. Chances are, you aren’t going to walk out with what you originally thought. Hair can only take so much, and stylist can only do so much. There’s a good chance that they will want to take you to your desired color in steps, so they can protect the health of your hair. Maybe you have tight curls and you ask for a choppy, edgy haircut. However, you don’t often have the time to style your hair. There’s a chance that the stylist might recommend that you get a haircut that better suits your needs. At the end of the day, they are looking out for your best interest. You don’t have to do exactly what they say, but considering their advice may save your hair.

Use good products-
Products can make or break your hairstyle, and your stylist knows which ones to use. There are products that are made for curly hair, straight hair, color treated hair, anti-humidity, finishing, heat protection, shine, dry hair, oily hair, matte looks, thin hair, and the list goes on! If you aren’t sure where to start just ask your stylist and they can give you an educated opinion and point you in the right direction. Besides, if you love your hair when he/she styles it for you, why wouldn’t you want the product that makes it possible? If you’re concerned about price, explain that to them. They should be able to recommend less expensive alternatives. Keep in mind, often times you get what you pay for. There’s a reason that amazing product might be more expensive than the rest.