“Natural” Breast Implants Create a Boobie Buzz

You may have seen the commercials or heard the buzz, the latest breast implants are boasted as looking and feeling more natural, while also being safer than other breast implants. Designed by a plastic surgeon, “Ideal Implant” uses only saline inside, rather than silicone gel, which has led to concerns when considering the risk of a ruptured breast implant.

“Ideal Implant” believes breast implants should enhance natural beauty, stimulate confidence, and provide peace of mind. An internal structure of several layers, along with saline filler, is what, reportedly, set “Ideal Implant” apart from others. Information on why this new product is “beauty without compromise” is available at www.idealimplant.com. The website also provides a comparison of different implants, as well as a list of surgeons, nationwide, who offer “Ideal Implant”.

The product was developed in 2006. It is primarily offered in Canada, but is expanding across the U.S. In the United States, “Ideal Implant” is only available through a network of board certified or board-eligible plastic surgeons.

In recent years, breast augmentation has been touted as the most requested cosmetic surgical procedure. The percentage of procedures performed is increasing, slightly, each year. If you have ever considered breast implants, here are some points to consider before making your decision:

Are a candidate for surgery?
You may not be considered if you have a history of breast cancer or diabetes in your family. Being a smoker may also qualify you as an ineligible candidate, as well as having a number of other significant medical issues.

The Cost
You are looking at spending thousands of dollars, which insurance, most likely, is not going to cover, as breast implants are typically categorized as a cosmetic procedure. Additionally, there are many follow-up appointments, MRIs, and a strong possibility of needing another surgery down the road. Breast implants do not last forever!

The Risks
Leakage and rupture of breast implants are two main risk factors to consider. Furthermore, there can also be problems with anesthesia, bleeding, infection, scarring, implant position, loss of sensation in breasts and nipples, scar tissue forming around the implant, and more. Talk to a surgeon, do research, and know the risks!

Recovery Time
You will have to take time off from work, exercising, and other daily activities after surgery. Be sure to discuss this with your employer and make necessary arrangements at your place of employment, as you may not be able to return for several weeks!

Shape, Size, and Style
It is recommended that women do not make a huge jump in breast implant size, but rather, increase size over time. Additionally, a breast implant that is too big can potentially lead to poor posture, and moreover, regret. It is important to consider your goal for breast shape, lift, etc., and whether you prefer silicone or saline implants. More importantly, be honest with your surgeon. Discuss your goals and head their advice. After all, they do this for a living and probably know better than you what will and will not be a wise option.

Surgeon Selection
Talk to at least a few cosmetic surgeons. Make sure they are certified and have experience with breast augmentation surgery and implants.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
There is a possibility you will not be able to breastfeed following breast augmentation surgery. Furthermore, pregnancy and weight loss can affect the outcome of breast augmentation surgery and may require additional work, and thus, additional expenses afterward.

There are several other factors to consider when contemplating breast augmentation surgery. In addition to being educated and prepared, it is of the utmost importance to speak with a surgeon, personally, to ensure that you make the appropriate choices.

A UR IT model, who elected to have breast augmentation surgery, shares her advice:

“Make sure you interview several surgeons and be sure you do plenty of research before choosing your final Doctor. The cost of a consultation is well worth the peace of mind, as well as the final results. Also, make sure the reasons you are considering breast enhancement surgery are for your own mind and body…no one else.”