Overly Exhausted Dating Rules

As someone who has recently reentered the dating world since my younger years, I have quickly come to realize that there are many preconceived notions about the do’s & don’ts of dating…some of which are completely bizarre. Besides the fact that dating rules just as anything else in this world change with time, many of these lingering rules that have outdated themselves for this generation need to be put away and this time for good. Maybe I’m wrong but when did something that was supposed to feel so easy and good become a checklist of how you should act, think, and feel on dates. If you let on too much you’re ‘giving it away.’ If you play ‘hard to get’ you’re a tease. Do I pay or let him pay? What the hell happened to just going with the flow and figuring things out along the way? Nowadays it’s like you need a blueprint of how things will pan out before you can commit to going on a first date. Anyways, after dipping my toes into the dating pool I have come to realize some major rules that should have never been created to begin with. Let’s get started!

Women should wait for the guy to contact them first
Honestly, what’s with the waiting game? Ladies what makes you feel that inferior to men to the point where it’s no longer okay to make the first move. Somehow society has pushed women into a corner and shoved down our throats that it’s not all right to be headstrong and ask for what we want. Well, that’s all about to change. Dating goes both ways, as does start the conversation and approaching your hot new crush. It’s good to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and even better… more rewarding. So next time you see a cute guy at the bar, pull yourself together and go after what you deserve!

Hold off on having sex till the third date
Now, this rule is tricky to say the least. It has been said that some women tend to have a 3 date rule before deciding to give themselves up. For some reason, though society has assigned women this all-powerful “do’s & don’ts” list that they must abide by. One of these rules being that if you have sex on the first date, your relationship (if we even call it that this early in dating) is doomed. Where’s the women equality that we all so rightfully fought for and are still fighting for? What happened to men and women being equals? Men have sex on the first date only to come home to their roommates giving them a high five as they enter the door. BUT when women come home the morning after a first date wearing the same clothes as the night before it’s considered shameful? This rule has exhausted itself and needs to be locked away…and this time for good!

Always expect the guy to pay
Every relationship is about giving and taking, the bill should be no different. What’s the point of being in a relationship that’s one sided? Now I know that many believe that this falls under common courtesy that a man should foot the bill, but its 2016 ladies…we’ve come a long way as well as in the dating world. While it may be fair to expect a guy who asked you out to pay for the initial meal, after that what’s wrong with paying for your share or picking up the tab from time to time? No man wants a ‘needy’ women, men need to be pampered too! This rule varies from couple to couple and it all depends on what you both expect from your significant other. Whether it’s split down the middle or taking turns, think about this before you sit back and just take from your relationship.

Never accept last minute plans, it makes you look desperate
If you aren’t busy don’t you think it’s a little foolish not to except a date, especially when the whole reason you are dating is to meet someone to spend time with?! Who cares if when he calls you don’t have plans; trust me when I say a guy is not reading that much into it. Unless he’s calling you after midnight to try and ‘hang-out’ chances are he just really wants to take you out and genuinely is wondering if you would like to join him. So stop worrying that you look desperate and enjoy the life that is dating!

Play hard to get
Somewhere down the line women have succumbed to ‘playing hard to get’ and if you don’t then you’re looked at as easy and heaven forbid a relationship to be easy?! The only reason you should follow this rule is if you want to be alone, and by alone I mean cooped up in your house, eating ice cream with your dog on the couch. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going after what you want and when you want it. Be headstrong, be courageous, do something! Maybe the reason dates aren’t working out for you is because you are too afraid to take charge. Now don’t get me wrong some men may find this intimidating, but some men find this attitude sexy and enlightening. You don’t think men get tired of always making the first move, turn the tables and have a taste, ladies. UR IT…show them exactly what that means!