Reinvent Your Wardrobe

We’ve all been there standing before our closets declaring, “I have nothing to wear!” In this age of fast fashion, it can take plenty of help to stay on top rather than on the trends. Many women would gain double out of their wardrobe if they would use staple investment pieces rather than cheap trendy bargain finds. It is quite possible to build an entire wardrobe that will last you a decade – if you know how.

The trick is choosing eight of your favorite pieces in your closet, and build around those pieces. What this does is provides you a fail-safe approach to make sure that what you already have existing can be layered in one way or another. A few wardrobe staples that you could start with: the Little Black Dress (or better known as the LBD), a traditional blazer, a trench coat, and a crisp button-down blouse. These can all serve as a brilliant foundation from which to build. After you have completed this, you must be able to re-imagine each garment and not just for what lays before you, but rather for what it could be.

A place all women should start is with their accessories; a statement necklace can completely transform any LBD and take you from day-to-night in seconds. For example, the simplest diamond rhinestone or gold hopped earrings can take a dress from the office to a low-key dinner, and it doesn’t have to stop with a dress. You can use the same accessories with skinny denim and a chiffon blouse (with or without a blazer, depending on the weather) with either ballet flats or a classic pump. Belts and bags are other great options, as they both add a bit of personality to your style, as accessories add drama without the fuss.

Style is all about exploring your creativity and creating a style that you’ll love for the years to come. When you discover an item that fits you well, from a versatile fabric choice that is dependably chic, the answer is purchasing in bulk. You’ll find these pieces to grow with you over the next years ahead. The bottom line is rather than cluttering your wardrobe with unrealistic garments that are purchased on impulse, focus on the pieces that can be remixed within your wardrobe.


Article by Doris Hobbs