Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Spring has finally sprung, and the upcoming spring fashion trends are finally in full bloom!

Below, see the top ten trends that emerged at “New York Fashion Week”.

We know which ones we’re excited about!
How about you?


Bold and bright, stripes are a bring burst of energy to any wardrobe. Whether you prefer vertical or horizontal, stripes are everywhere this spring and is becoming one of the most “wearable” trends this year. Consider articles of clothing that make use of primary colors, such as red or blue stripes. Spring stripes are trending in menswear, as well. Match your mate and make the most of this fun loving, easy going fashion trend.


From fun summer dresses to office appropriate blouses, bold floral patterns are taking spring fashion by storm, at least metaphorically speaking. Bright vacation prints will be a big hit this spring, as well as dark colored florals. Giving you that feminine flare and a little bit of edginess, with colors like black, deep reds, and navy blue.

Bra Tops

A look of confidence, the crop top trend is still alive and well. However, this spring will be taking the ever popular crop top one step further, and two steps sexier! Lingerie-like pieces paired with flowing maxi skirts, ripped jeans, and even underneath sleek pant and skirt suits. Fortunately, we have still got a few months until the weather is willing to cooperate with this erotic trend. Time to step up the ab workouts and get in gear to get into these gorgeous, sensual lingerie tops. If you happen to be larger in the bust region, exercise caution when rocking this trend, as you never want to show too much of the God-given goodies.

Shades of Blue

A case of the blues never looked so good. One of the easiest colors to wear was also one of the most popular this season. This should come as some relief to those needing a break from black and white, but who aren’t quite ready to heed designers’ calls for orange as a new neutral. From the pale seafoam to bright cerulean, blues are a tune almost anyone can dance along with. For anyone that may have followed last years’ trend of blue jean, you may be happy to know that you will be able to re-use many of those pieces this spring, as well, in accordance with this wonderful trend of blues.

Rock n’ Roll

This is by far the fashion trend that I, personally, am most excited for this spring. More is more! Black leather along with attitude for days, is shaping up to be the quickest ticket to the cool table this spring. Though references may have been wide and varied, from glam rock and rave culture to edgy grunge, this trend was loved by all designers at this year’s “New York Fashion Week”. Despite the fact that leather is not typically a spring trend, I would urge that you do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity to put together some adorable boho rock looks that frankly, are often too cold to rock during the traditional fall months. Ripped tights, fishnets, and thigh highs will certainly be making a comeback, especially when paired with a high-cut pair of jean shorts. I cannot wait to see everyone “rock” this look in the upcoming months!


A classic button-down is both classic, and classy. Furthermore, it is a piece that most of us own somewhere in our wardrobes, no matter how far back in the closet we may have pushed it. Not that anyone would blame you, as this clean and a bit cliché look, can become overdone, or dare I say, boring.

However, the classic striped button-down has been turned on its head this season…quite literally. Designers are adding flounces and slashing shoulders, stripping it of any stale, office ready vibes. It’s a look that pays homage to tradition but shows you’re still willing to bend the not the rules.


The future is looking especially bright, and even fluorescent! Designers are loving this trend, creating looks for both day and night. While this eccentric trend may be a bit much for some to consider, neutral-colored layers suggest a wearable way to try out the trend at home. For those feeling daring enough to wear this fun trend in full force, be on the lookout for maxi dresses, crop tops, and even jackets! Who wouldn’t want to shine bright, inside and out?


Another repeated trend from the previous year, ruffles and frills were huge at NYFW! However, romantic ruffles may not be everyone’s cup of tea, or may at least take some getting used to. This season’s most eye-catching styles were those that balanced femininity with sleekness. Asymmetrical dresses, one-shoulder tops, and voluminous skirts will be all the rage in the upcoming months. Whether you love or hate this returning fashion trend, ruffles bring a feminine aura, built around details, to any ensemble.
This trend can be a lot of fun for anyone with an old soul, and a little creativity. Get out there, and “ruffle” some feathers…or in this case, just ruffles!

Straps and Strings

Laces are no longer just for your kicks. Thanks to this season’s runways, there will be plenty of creative ways to strap up, down, and all around for spring. Both subtle and showy, spliced shirts, suede dresses with belted waists and crisscross arm ties will all be moving in this Spring. This also gives an opportunity for one of my favorite trends from the 90’s, the self-cut knotted, tied t-shirt. “Strap” yourself in and “lace” up for this fun spring trend with a multitude of creativity possibilities!


“Beige” stopped being a synonym for “boring” the second Kim Kardashian slithered into her infamous Band-Aid-colored bodycon dress. This spring, neutrals tans, and beiges will be extremely widespread. From timeless trench coats and tailored, slit-shoulder jackets to belted skirt-pants, khaki’s is certainly making a comeback this spring! Watch out for this trend in dressier items, as well, such as dresses and skirts with nipped waists. Don’t be surprised to see this trend pairing up with the previously mentioned ruffles trend, too! Bringing back one final trend of the previous 2016 season, paper bag waisted, ruffled pants are both comfy and classy. A great fit for the home and office, or even an evening out on the town!