What to Wear to the Beach

If you’re planning a beach getaway, the thought of what to wear besides a swimsuit will arise, as all beach visits don’t necessarily require one. With an array of alternatives from wearing a bathing suit accompanied with a sundress as one option, another would be a sexy tank top with your favorite denim cut-offs to an evening of wraps and accessories. Dressing for an afternoon in the sun won’t leave you totally exposed, offering a beachy, summery vibe.

Fun in the Sun
A perfect outfit to wear to the beach may be an effortless yet fun short printed sundress, coordinating wedges, sunglasses, and a large brimmed sun hat accented by simple accessories. Invest in a printed dress of a lightweight material such as cotton voile, linen or natural fiber of rayon, which would be ideal as they all provide comfort. Another fun factor to keep in mind is a sundress that can be utilized as a cover-up, giving you the freedom of a bikini beneath; it will provide an easy transition from the pier with friends to a sandy beach afternoon while only removing one item. When you shop for your perfect sundress, remember to look for one that showcases your figure in an array of bright hues or a festive pattern, a perfect shade to start with may be a dreamy blue as it can be worn with everything.

Sun-Kissed Tanks
Is there anything sexier than a tank top on the beach? This versatile top brings summer fun with a whole new meaning as it not only keeps you cool during the heat of the day, it’s also a layering piece that can bring you from the beach to a number of other summer fun occasions. Complete the look by selecting denim cut-off shorts paired with a braided belt, straw panama hat, Ray-Ban aviator shades and, of course, your favorite Havaiana flip flops.

An Evening on the Beach
During the day your beach attire may consist of little or nothing; at night when the temperatures begin to cool, it may be time for a bit more style. A simple polo shirt dress paired with a few of your daywear accessories would work nicely, without you feeling overdressed. Another simple outfit idea is a simple maxi dress with a color-coordinated shawl for the coastal breeze—if you find yourself leaving the beach, it can be removed easily and exchanged with summery cork wedges. Don’t forget to place a hint of gold on your wrist, some color to your ears and a flashy cocktail ring for those after-sun cocktails with friends celebrating the season.

It goes without saying—your best accessory at the beach will be, by far, sunscreen. Be sure to re-apply every two hours; more often if you are enjoying the water. Remember, style shouldn’t stop with a bad sunburn!

Article by Doris Hobbs